Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jun 20 2004 - Bike the C&O Canal (Carderock) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Joanne Milne, KC Yi
Participants:Bill Ritchey, Michele Fagan, Dennis Baba, Sergei Urazhdin, Chris Whalen, Lora Polowczuk, KC Yi, Aaron Firoved, Rebecca Firoved, Chih Lin, Colin Babb, Holly Rawson, Alvin Liem, Joanne Milne, Katie Stofer, Jesse Allen

Write Up:
On this towpath of history,
Meandering from Cumberland to DC,
Lies a well-traveled path of yore,
A trail weathered and wore,
Setting the scene of this story.

Shimmer of mules, locks, and coal,
And ghosts that still fathom the shoal,
Dance behind the maple tree.
Over there!-Can you see?
A breeze blew, chilling our very soul.

On the right the canal remained.
Once in time it sustained
A new capital, of a new nation,
Now providing for this summation,
Which I shortened and contained.

Along the left the river lies,
We kept well from its side.
Although the bike wheel then and now
Waddled close, like a drunken cow.
The water rushed past as we went by.

We biked the path so well worn,
Not lightly from history shorn.
Next to the roar of the Great Fall,
Can you hear the water call?
A sign warned, fall in and be forlorn.

Two by two, the bikes went.
Spinning, they rode and rant,
Joanne talked, Alvin listen,
Followed by doctors Becca and Aaron.
The wheels kick, dust sent.

Chih had a perpetual smile,
Holly's hair fiery, but mild,
Lora on a great bike borrow,
Dennis biked fast into morrow.
While others biked single file.

As we weaved pedestrian through,
We heard them shout 'How dare you?!
Why don't you use your bell!'
But what fun just to give ‘em hell!
We really wanted to say 'Screw you!'

Sons ran alongside their fathers,
And daughters laughed with their mothers.
While we biked through them all,
Our version of pall-mall.
Oh, if only we had our druthers.

We biked and we prattled,
Testing our mettle,
Passing lock after lock,
So many geese in flock.
Wishing we had a bigger saddle.

We finally stopped for lunch,
What a great looking bunch!
All dressed up in riding wear,
Colors galore in regent fair.
We chatted and munched.

Colin gave a bit of history,
Of the Canal's past glory.
Evonne quietly listened,
While everyone sweated and glistened.
Good thing it was a short story!

We finished up at lock twenty-three,
under a big elm tree.
Heading back the way we came,
Everything looked the same.
I think everyone had a chance to pee.

Spinning, spinning, spinning,
Peddling, peddling, peddling,
We peddled to the Great Fall.
I shouted 'Stop and look, y'all?
But fall in and you'll be swimming.'

On Michelangelo vision conjured,
We sat on tiny seats till inured.
Our posterior now fast asleep,
No sensation, it's dead and deep,
Our family jewels, oh so injured.

Fun was had by all,
Next, we'll hike the Great Fall-
Stay tune to this great site,
Wait a while, fly a kite.
We'll be sure to give everyone a call.

--KC Yi

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