Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jun 19 2004 - Difficult Loop Day Hike (Old Rag Mtn) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): KC Yi
Participants:David Raines, evgeniya arzamazova, KC Yi, Don MacKenzie, Dmitri Levitas, Ted Hellen, Clare Kelley

Write Up:
Below us, an eagle flew, majestic and royal, gliding effortlessly through the sky, laying claim to all that it surveyed, the Shenandoah Valley. And among the clouds, we sat, watching in amazement. We live life through little moments in time, its mark etched ever so indelibly into our memories. But memories can be a funny thing. We reminiscence when that certain something tickles one of our senses.

When we see a large outcropping of rocks, our thoughts immediately travel back to the rocky crevices we scrambled through and over with care that day, ever mindful of the distance between boulders and the distance below. The mere thought causing our hearts to race a bit in anticipation.

Whenever a cool breeze caresses our glistening skin, it evokes reflection of that ever so chilly touch we felt when we stopped for lunch on top of Old Rag, a thin sheen of effort coating every inch of our body from the morning climb.

The scent of moisture in the air stirs up an image of the wispy fog that enshroud the mountain top, revealing teasing glimpses of the panoramic valley.

When we hear a rattle, our pulses race and our muscles tense as we remember the baby copperhead we accidentally stepped on. The little creature, or 'agkistrodon contortrix mokeson' as a non-MOC hiker so graciously spitted out, shepherd off the trail more so for our and our fellow hikers' safety than the protection of the little viper, whose rest we rudely disturbed.

And every time we wrap our hands around a can of ice cold Diet Coke, it reminds us of the end of the hike, the flavor of the sweet syrupy liquid enhanced by feelings of accomplishment, an end of an adventure and a sense of camaraderie.

Life is remembered through a series of moments. It's safe to say, we hiked one of those moments that day.

--KC Yi

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