Maryland Outdoor Club
Mon, Jun 21 2004 - Disc Golf and Happy Hour (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer
Participants:Mark Reynolds, Katie Stofer, Brian Marron, Ronit Fix, Laura Paszkiewicz, Randy Marks, Susie Burke

Write Up:
Despite threats of thunderstorms, the weather held out on this first day of summer. We took advantage of every scrap of daylight on this longest day of the year.

While milling around the first tee waiting for latecomers to join us, we were schooled in the rules of disc golf, which I had so callously disregarded previously. For instance, a regular old frisbee is not acceptable (and Tupperware is cause for heart failure)--one must actually purchase a regulation disc golf disc. It is one's own preference, however, whether or not to shell out for both the driver disc and the putter disc. In addition, while there are no set water hazards or sand traps (though nature provides plenty of these), trees are an integral part of the course, and certain ones must be passed on certain sides. One of our players found this out the hard way. We did ignore the foot fault rules for the most part, however.

After letting the serious disc golfers play through (including the guy who jogged the entire course--reminiscent of the Olympic biathlon) we got started, picking the easy red tees for all our inexperienced selves. We played the front nine with two foursomes, and then coalesced into a mass of eight for the back nine.

The results:
Actual Score Order:
Randy walked away the clear winner with a 68, followed by Eric at 84, Brian and Mark with 95 and 99. The ladies didn't manage to break 100, but Katie was the closest, followed by Susie, Laura and Ronit, the latter of course somewhat handicapped by their use of Tupperware.

However, I'd like to award some of my own awards for all the great sports:
Randy - Best Environmentalist (he carried the Natural Light box I found on the course for about 6 holes before we could throw it away)
Susie - Best windup (you had to see it to believe it)
Brian - Best Consistency from Front to Back Nine without being consistent hole to hole
Mark - Most Outdoorsy (He wasn't afraid to brave the poison ivy when the frisbees went in the brush by the creek)
Eric - Most versatile (He managed birdies with the regulation disc, regular frisbee, and even with the Tupperware)
Ronit - Most Improved (15 point differential Front to Back Nine)
Laura - Most Experimental Thrower

We followed the golf not with drinks, but with somewhat more substantial food at the 94th Aero Squadron, including crudites even! Our waitress was even able to identify the obscure 80s TV show "Out of this World," whose theme song accompanied our dinner for a time.

Thanks to everyone for trying this out with me. Look for more disc golf in Baltimore.

--Katie Stofer

P.S. And I didn't even mention the gambling.

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