Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, May 23 2004 - Easy Day Hike in Greenbelt Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer
Participants:Katie Stofer, Angela Grillo, Brian Marron, Heather Simons, Susie Burke, Ricardo Bulala, Amy Overfield, Jeff Schwartz, Steve Gardner, Lauren Silberman, Joanne Milne, Alvin Liem, Steve Ehrman, Steve Murray

Write Up:
What a gorgeous day for a hike! We started out on the Azalea trail--a short, one-mile loop. That proved to be just a warm-up and we took off on the perimeter trail, as everyone was chomping at the bit for more. Don't tell my orthopedist--we ended up at 6.3 miles total for our "easy" hike. But it brought out a lot of new people to the club for their first event. And again, we definitely got a cross section of the Steves of the club--maybe it's my events?

We finished up with lunch, then most people started to take off with plenty of time for afternoon activities. Four of us (including a Steve, of course) stuck around and tried for a game of frisbee, but soon gave it up due to general lethargy after the hike.

All in all, a great little hike within the beltway, mere minutes from the northern suburbs of DC. Don't overlook the treasures in your own backyard!

--Katie Stofer

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