Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jun 6 2004 - Difficult Day Hike to Big Schloss (GWNF) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Christine Di Lapi, Chris Whalen
Participants:Christine Di Lapi, Chris Whalen, Jared Dant, Katherine McColl, Don MacKenzie, Laura berney, Clare Kelley, Nora Maresh, Melissa Thornhill, Toby Schaeffer

Write Up:
I would like to thank all the participants who came out. I knew this would be an interesting hike. At the carpool, my co- organizer, Christine, asked for my name as she was looking at the attendance list. I said, 'It's Chris, your co-organizer.' She was very excited to be leading her first hike. During the introductions in the parking lot at the trailhead, JR asked if anybody had done this before. Everybody thought he meant hiking, but he was talking about this hike.

What a great day to be out on the trail. It was foggy and cool, which helped to keep the din from the cicadas down. Along the ridgeline, we saw a dead Eastern Timber Rattlesnake. Nobody had enough gumption to take the rattle, probably because of the pungent aroma. The group learned that Clare accidentally joined the Coasta Rican National Aerobics team because of a lack of understanding Spanish. Later on, as the sun came out, the cicadas started to wake up and make noise. I had two cicadas crash into my head. Jared protected the group when he saw a huge black snake with yellow stripes. He stopped and waited until the snake slithered away in fear, then we proceeded to Big Schloss. We saw two more small lime-green snakes. The view from Big Schloss was awesome. Birds of prey were circling and two of them crashed into each other, but they only squawked at each other. Melissa borrowed the copy of the topography map so that she could study it while chilling on top of Big Schloss. I gave her a hard time because she folded it and I told her that wasn't the condition I had given it to her in.

Christine, Katherine, Laura, and Max decided to miss Big Schloss and head back to the parking lot earlier than the rest of us. They saw an interesting woman who was smoking pot and dressed business casual in the wilderness.

The dinner in Woodstock was great. Nice Italian place with good food. Nora got a little excited with her lime and Corona. She ended up spraying some of it while attempting to get the lime to the bottom. We learned that Don has a movie career.

--Chris Whalen

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