Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Jul 31 2004 - Difficult Day Hike on the AT (Harpers Ferry) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jeff Schneider
Participants:Vera Bjurstrom, Rob, Ricardo Bulala, Jared Dant, Katry Harris, Mark Reynolds, Katie Buckley, Vik D, Stacy Mizrahi, Pamela Mizrahi, Steve Gardner, Christine Di Lapi, shyam menon, Shawn Ali, Carla Heck, Chih Lin, Tiffany Rhoten, Jeff Schneider, Casey Starshine, Viola Ellis, Michael Haendel

Write Up:
There were a couple of decisions the leader made while planning this hike:

First, it originally was supposed to be in June but only five or so people signed up then, so it was rescheduled. That turned out to be a pretty good idea--as a total of 25 folks came out on the new date. It was a great mix of new members, experienced members, long-lost members, and nonmembers.

The leader also made this a 'shuttle hike.'There was no loop option available and we didn''t cover the same area twice. Considering we didn't have to climb back up the 900 feet of elevation we lost while descending into Harpers Ferry, this seemed to be a wise choice. A shuttle, however, takes some extra time and driving before and after the hike. Thanks to everyone who volunterred to drive!

It was nice to finish the hike with a 2.5-mile stroll on the flat C&O canal towpath. There was a little creek full of green slime on the left that was an alternative to traditional scenery. We had to cross train tracks, but something got in the way--a train! We could've hopped on the train or tried to slide under, but instead we just waited. Eventually it was gone!

The most important decision the leader made was where to have this hike. It was set up so that we went through Harpers Ferry for lunch. The town provided a nice break from the usual lunch stop in the woods on top of a rock. Many of us dispersed and dined out for lunch. There was a little exploration of the town (there will be an event soon where more time will be given to explore). A couple of us went swimming in the Potomac, while a few stopped at the Appalachian Trail Conference in town. There, we considered buying a bright orange vest that said 'Don''t Shoot! I''m hiking,' but passed. Maybe we'll get some in the fall, when we start to share the woods with hunters.

The hiking part of the event was pretty fun. We had to go about six miles north before we hit Harpers Ferry. There were a couple of very rocky areas and a few very brief uphills, but we all did well. The big descent into Harpers Ferry was well worth it once we saw the humongous and glorious Shenandoah River. Many kayakers, rafters and tubers were out to take advantage of the dry weather.

It was the type of summer day where you sweated even if you were standing around looking at the flowers--so it was a good thing the hike wasn't too tough.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and I hope you all had fun!

-- Jeff Schneider

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