Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, May 22 2004 - Salsa Dancing & Dinner in Adams Morgan (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Vincent Tsao
Participants:Vincent Tsao, Martin J. San Juan, Chirag Parikh, Gina Vachino, Holly Rawson, Chih Lin, Shelley Sanner, Lee Miles, KC Yi, Katry Harris, Melissa Thornhill, Lora Polowczuk, Juan Hernandez

Write Up:
First, there was heat; the kind of suffocating, heart-stopping heat that collects under your skin and crawls out along every inch of your body. You feel a trickle of sweat run down along your eyebrow, collect a moment on your eyelash, and then finally splash down into your eye with a sting. You look for a napkin and blot frantically at your forehead.

"Can we get some air conditioning in here?" someone yells.

Second, there was Miguel. The eye-level, no-nonsense instructor who takes over when things get tangled. He grabs the ladies' hands and twirls them around in ways that few others dare. "Try it!" he urges, and moves on.

Third, there was practice. And practice. And practice. And even more practice. And then a cool drink of water to reward ourselves.

Fourth, and most important, there was a blast of blessed air conditioning as we stepped across the tiled threshold into Habana Cafe. We settled down for dinner, ordering good food, stirring our ice cold mojitos with sugar cane stalks.

Fifth, there was the sudden need to dance off the mojitos and good food. The climb up the steep steps into Latin Alley. The lights suddenly dim, the air conditioner suspiciously working again, the music so infectious we find it hard to sit still. So we don't. We dance and dance and dance.

--Shelley Sanner

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