Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Apr 16 2004 - Office Space Movie Night (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chih Lin
Participants:Chih Lin, Amy Pickwick, Joanne Milne, Matthew Sommer, Donna McLaren, Jason Craver, Carrie Graff, Steve Ehrman, John Putman, Rebecca Frankenberger, Ian Wright, Adam Miller, Brian Loughery, Jared Dant, Alvin Liem, Ann Higgins

Write Up:
As I rushed to get my house in order for the arriving guests, the likes of Jason, Adam, and non-MOC member Marcy trickled in. The evening began with light conversation and a tour of my humble house. Once the small talk was aside, we decided it was time to crack the seal to the keg of golden, delicious beer sitting in the garage. However, despite our best efforts, we were unable to tap the keg because we soon discovered we had a faulty tap. As we bungled with the tap, Megan arrived to her first MOC event. First impressions were of the utmost importance and I believe we put our best foot forward with a portrait of two men standing around a keg in a garage, scratching their heads, while a third man vigorously pumped enough air into the keg to revive large mammals.

What seemed to be an early demise to the evening's festivities took a sudden turn as beer heroine Rebecca arrived with a back-up tap. Soon, beer and conversation were both flowing. A 'Is This Good for the COMPANY?' sign on the wall greeted each guest on arrival. At the epicenter of the living room lay the colorful Jump To Conclusions mat, which quipped offbeat conclusions such as 'Moot!' 'Maybe,' and 'Show your O Face.' Other conclusions included 'You're fired' and 'Just Shut Up,' courtesy of a very cynical Courtney. Courtney, the cohost, also performed DJ duties and entertained guests, earning her the title of 'Best Housemate Ever,' which was exclaimed by several of the participants. Margaritas were made and distributed and there was a Boon's Farm sighting (ahhhh-I remember those good old college days).

The pizza arrived before the majority of the crowd arrived. Stepping into the role of Pizza Nazi, I was able to hold off the horde of hungry people in an attempt to wait for the remaining guests. Eventually, the delicious aroma of Papa John pizzas overpowered even the strong-willed and everyone dug in. The pizzas were quickly devoured and as the remaining guests arrived, a surprise was introduced. A gigantic birthday cake was not-so-gracefully brought out and Happy Birthdays were sung for Steve's birthday and Carrie's belated birthday. There were a couple close calls, as I almost dropped the cake mid-song and also dumped the entire cake onto myself carrying it back into the kitchen. Everyone got a piece except Milton.

Shortly afterwards, the feature presentation began. TPS reports were handed out to the crowd and on the back of the TPS reports were printed instructions for an Office Space Drinking Game. The game was pretty intense. Drinks were made for each cubicle or car scene, which seemed to dominate the entire movie. After two hours of Office Space hilarity, some guests left while others continued the night's celebration.

Amy, Carrie, and Rebecca performed their version of MTV's Room Raiders by rummaging through my closet. Despite my lack of quality clothing, we were blessed with a fashion show that consisted of these ladies donning quirky ties and wrinkled work clothes (I'm a bachelor, what can I say). Other highlights included a 5-minute oven-mitt conversation and plastic cup war between Holly and I, a traveling red Swingline stapler (much like the Travelocity traveling gnome) that found itself in some very ridiculous pictures, Stacy and Megan dancing to the 80s and attempting to teach me how to do the Roger Rabbit, burnt pizza, a game of Jump to Conclusion, renditions of the 'O' face, and furious games of foosball.

While most guys wore Hawaiian shirts because Friday was Hawaiian shirt day, best costume was awarded to Donna, who 'expressed' herself with a striped shirt, suspenders, and plenty of flare. Thanks to everyone who came; I tried my best to accommodate everyone and I hope you all had fun.

Quote of the night: 'Is it hot in here or am I just drunk?'

--Chih Lin

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