Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Apr 17 2004 - Bike Ride Around BWI Airport (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Ryan Meadows
Participants:Ryan Meadows, Joanne Milne, Rob Copeland, Allyson Green, Holly Rawson, James Cavanaugh, John Putman, Rob, Brian Grimm, Martin J. San Juan, Amanda Bowen

Write Up:
First, thanks everyone who came out and made the ride such a pleasure. What a weekend to get out and bike, let me tell you. The weather was unbelievably beautiful, the sun was out with few clouds in the sky, and the temperature reached well into the 70s. MOC, let the good times roll!

I arrived plenty early, got my bike ready, and waited for everyone else to show. Other MOC bikers rolled in with reports of severe traffic backups, so I waited longer than usual to get the ride going. While waiting, the talk of the morning was Chih's really awesome party the night before.

Once one other person arrived whom I knew would show, we did introductions and I led the way onto the trail (without my digital camera). I had some catching up to do since it was been so long since seeing some friends. One quote by Rob Copeland: 'Boy, it's great to feel alive again.' I know just what he meant.

I led the way down the trail at a comfortable pace and everyone found someone else to chat with. We passed through neighborhoods of Glen Burnie and crossed busy streets.

After a few miles we came to the BWI Loop. The group got spread out after I doubled back once to help with a flat. The trail being well marked, everyone found their way okay.

The group waited at a fork in the path and everyone was socializing while having a snack. One topic of conversation was about bike clubs in the area. The gist is that they thought many in another club were 'serious' cyclists and didn't do as much socializing, and that's where the MOC definitely excels. If I remember correctly, another topic was about boating and sailing, and that someone in the group might like to organize a boating tour as an event. Sounds cool!

After a rest and some snacks we continued on the BWI Loop toward the Amtrak/Marc station. With varying skill levels among the bikers the group spread out some as we made our way around the loop. The miles rolled away as we talked about how long it's been since we biked and the crazy stuff we dared to when we were younger (and not when we were just children).

We came to the Dixon Observation area where planes come into BWI. We kept going and didn't stop to see any come in very low. Soon we came back to the point where we got onto the BWI trail and headed back to the B&A trail, tracing our way back through Glen Burnie to Marley Station.

We had two obvious choices for a late lunch, Ruby Tuesday's or Rocky Run Tap & Grille. Despite its reputation we decided on Rocky Run because of the outdoor patio. We were promptly seated and enjoyed a great lunch outdoors. Another future event idea discussed was a pool party and a slip-n- slide.

Friends, conversation, food & drink, good weather... A good time was had by all. What more can you ask for? More friends, conversation, and good weather!

With the rest of the gorgeous day left to kill a few of us drove down to Annapolis, led by Danny. I wanted to scout out where a good place to eat would be should I lead a bike ride on the B&A. I've talked about such a ride since September. To cut this story short, more good times were had by all.

I'll see some of you on next week's ride! If anyone is interested in scouting Gettysburg, Annapolis (strictly on bike), or York, PA, let me know!

--Ryan Meadows

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