Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, May 8 2004 - Difficult Day Hike on the Catoctin Trail (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jeff Schneider
Participants:Jeff Schneider, Mike Gorman, Cary Tepper, valerie ezrin, Jeff La Noue, Michael Eppert, Greg Stiles, Katry Harris, Martha Stauss, Ted Hellen, Jared Dant

Write Up:
This was the third straight MOC hike Jeff has led that featured perfect weather. Is it just luck or some random phenomenon?

We started at 10:30 AM and quickly escaped the stench of the trailhead! (An animal no longer with us?) A nice overlook greeted us only .2 of a mile in. Nobody felt like standing around so soon after starting, so we moved on.

The first stream crossing of the day made things interesting, but we got to the other side. After that, we proceeded to the Manor Campground. There, we used its picnic tables to have some lunch and snacks. There was also a mini-zoo there that had an owl and some friendly birds. It was a little odd seeing caged animals on a hike.

Bob's Hill was next--a fun climb. Everybody did well and got their good workout in. It's perhaps the steepest hill in the world. We would have hated to see Bob's Mountain!

The hike pretty much flattened out after that. There was another stream crossing, and this time something terrible did happen. Jeff's guidebook fell into the stream. Luckily, Jeff L. and Martha came to the rescue, and despite lying in a stream for about a minute, the book was in pretty good condition.

Before we finished, a side trail to Cunningham Falls made for a pleasant excursion. It was nice to see the water, the cool rock formations, and all the kids running around. A group wearing funny clothes were shaking maracas, singing hymns, and dispersing something into the water. Nobody asked what exactly they were doing.

A shuttle car awaited at the end. The shuttle made for a long wait after the hike, but we did get to see Cunningham Falls and didn't have to hike the same area twice. If only more cool loop trails were around!

Thanks to everyone for coming and I hope you had a good time. Sorry for the wait caused by the shuttle.

--Jeff Schneider

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