Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, May 15 2004 - Ropes Course Adventure Weekend (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Gina Vachino, KC Yi
Participants:Gina Vachino, KC Yi, Jesse Allen, Laura Paszkiewicz, Ryan Meadows, Ronit Fix, Joanne Milne, Emilio Ungerfeld, Roger van Boeyen, Jason Craver, Rob Copeland, Leilani Ho, Holly Rawson, Allyson Green, Susan Koo, Shawn Liou, Alvin Liem, Ruth Corser, Mark Lundin, Kevin Kulzer, Malu Silva, Pamela Silberman

Write Up:
Here's a recipe for a weekend full of fun, excitement, and thrills: Take two parts thunderstorms, throw in some cicadas, mix in some good food, have a lake nearby, provide lots of ropes, a dash of screams, a raging campfire, some great company, and a smattering of great and not so great conversation. Did we mention food?

We started the day with a pleasant sunny drive to bucolic Genesee Valley in Parkton. After loading our gear onto the company's truck, the brave MOC souls trekked the half-mile or so to the campsite, which sat in the middle of the woods near a small lake and came with its own water pump. We spent about an hour establishing the campsite. Although the campsite looked small initially, everyone managed to set up their tents on the site, thanks partly to two members who wanted to swing from the trees and one who wanted to sleep in a tent guaranteed to grant celibacy. With Genesee instructors Brian and Anika, the group broke into two groups and headed for the first of the weekend adventures.

Brian described the first event as the 'Titanic.' It required us to divide into two groups and sit in large truck tires that represented lifeboats. Because of an unfortunate accident, both lifeboats were sinking, the occupants of one couldn't talk, and the occupants of the other couldn't use their arms. Using planks too short to reach the several bridging 'icebergs,' the two groups had to work together to get to two other safe lifeboats. As fate would have it, the lifeboat that couldn't talk was filled with the most vocal members of MOC. Just imagine those chatty members not being able to talk for several minutes; they were fit to be tied. We finished the event in record time, but it seemed the 'nontalkers' would have let the 'nonarm' people drown if they had to do it again.

Next, the group had fun at the 'Ropes of Life.' It consisted of a series of ropes strung about a foot off the ground between trees. Just as in life, it required people helping others to reach different stages and taking advantage of opportunities along the way. To add an element of danger, a four-foot black rat snake decided to slither below the group as the whole group was precariously balanced on the ropes. It took several minutes before the snake decided that members of MOC weren't very good to eat. After many tense moments, many laughs, and a few occasions of awkwardly holding onto each other, the intrepid MOCers managed to get across the ropes and bring everyone in safely. Having met and conquered another challenge, the MOCers passed the time by entangling themselves in a Human Knot. What else do members of MOC do better than holding hands?

After lunch, everyone gathered and headed off to do another challenge--The Black Widow. It consisted of a series of challenges strung together high up in the trees. The safety harness came in very handy for this event. Requiring balance and a strong stomach, MOCers ventured across a series of ropes, balanced on a log, walked across a swinging bridge and stepped over unstabled 'piano keys.' Joanne was heard shouting to Holly, "Hey guys I'm a little busy up here. Could we please discuss my cute little ass when I get down?" And of course, Ryan screamed like Johnny Weissmuller and swung from tree to tree like Tarzan. Or, was it more like George of the Jungle?

As dinner was being prepared, the group went off to do the zip lines. Unfortunately, the clouds brewed and lightning was seen in the distance. We quickly realized that lightning and metal cables strung high in the trees don't mix well with MOCers (or anyone else). We may be dumb but not that stupid. For our safety, the instructors scurried everyone into a cabin. The cabin came with its own unique set of challenges, as Holly's poetic Haiku reveals:

Mystery panties


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