Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Mar 19 2004 - CNN's Crossfire - For Free! (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Shelley Sanner
Participants:Shelley Sanner, Colin Babb, Brian Loughery, Vanessa Vidunas, Adam Miller, Amy Pickwick, Rani Gran, Eric Johnston, Andrew Davis, Laura Davis

Write Up:
Well, did anyone catch a glimpse of Adam as the roving camera swept just inches from the audience? And was that the back of Rani's head? If you tuned in to 'Crossfire' today, then you just might have caught some familiar faces in the audience: Those of us who managed to skip out of work early and navigate rush hour traffic in time to catch another lively episode of CNN's 'Crossfire.'

We were promptly hustled into the auditorium (everyone except Shelley, who was still keeping an eye out for last- minute arrivals) to watch the camera and sound crews and practice cheering on our favorite political pundits. We won't mention any names, and we won't mention any political parties, but Bob Novak and Paul Begala kept all of us laughing and thinking as they prodded their guests into confessing their true opinions about the war in Iraq. The guests, Indiana Republican Congressman Mike Pence and former Democratic Congressman Tom Andrews had some interesting answers to some tough questions, and we all thought back to a year ago, when the U.S. first launched its military attack against Saddam Hussein and his regime.

On a lighter note, some of us thought of yelling out 'MOC Rocks!' or 'Amy for President!' to show our loyalty and help spread the word on a national level. (Imagine the choice of events with another 10,000 members!)

The show was over before we got too comfortable (hum- wait around for an hour to watch a 30-minute show), and we gathered together to get a group picture before heading out for happy hour and dinner. We settled on one of DC's hottest happy hour spots, The Front Page, where we confused practically every waiter and waitress into thinking we were a party of 25. We also had a chance to mingle with some other MOCers who happened to be hanging out at the exact same bar--imagine that!--and we finished the evening in typical post-event fashion (good conversation, good food, and a few drinks). With Democrats at one table, of course, and Republicans at the other. Just kidding!

--Shelley Sanner

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