Maryland Outdoor Club
Thu, Feb 26 2004 - Ice Skating at Fells Point (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer, Colin Babb
Participants:Katie Stofer, Marsha Lynn, Jaimie Jensen, Adam Miller, Colin Babb, Doug Wise, robert odessey

Write Up:
IIt was one of the last genuinely cool evenings, and the weather was just right for a pleasant evening of ice skating. The rink, the Baltimore Ice Rink at Harbor Point, just recently opened, and it does show it--considering that the "buildings" there are tents and mobile homes. The view of the city's skyline, however, is quite spectacular, and once all the apartments that appear to be going up around the rink are built, it will be quite the nice neighborhood (which seems to be behind the city's decision to build the rink in the first place).

Colin and Katie arrrived first, and waited for the others to trickle in (Katie was hard to miss, since she was sporting her unquestionably unique and very stylish giraffe pants). The skate session lasted for the better part of two hours. Some folks had skated before, while others contemplated using the rink's homemade training "walkers" made out of PVC pipe that the kids were using. It was agreed that the music selection at the rink slanted heavily toward oldies from the fifties, with the occasional genuflection to the hits of the seventies. There also apparently was a private party going on in one tent by the rink...once we discovered that the rink didn't normally serve fine white wine to its patrons.

After a while, several folks decided to head for home, while the rest put their shoes back on and headed for one of Fells Point's fine drinking establishments. We all proceeded to play a few rounds of pool. Eventually, everyone somehow, someway, made their ways home safe and sound, after an enjoyable evening outside.

--Colin Babb and Katie Stofer

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