Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Feb 28 2004 - Downhill Skiing Day and Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Chris Whalen, Vincent Tsao
Participants:Vincent Tsao, Chris Whalen, Lee Miles, Chirag Parikh, Kunal Kot

Write Up:
It was a very sunny and hot day for skiing, but it was nice nonetheless. Even though we were in the mountains, the air temperature was in the 50s. Since it has been so mild, there wasn't much snow pack.

A lot of people were wearing short-sleeve shirts, and it didn't take long for us to figure why. We saw odd ensembles. One guy had pink spiked hair and a gray beard. Another guy was wearing a Superman outfit, complete with fake muscles. It was funny seeing little kids all dressed up for skiing. It was nice that a lot of people were falling down, so I didn't feel too bad. I was very envious of the little kids who skied like pros. Eating overpriced food is always exciting, but I made up for it at the dinner in Fredrick. I ate more than 100 shrimp.

This was my first attempt at skiing. I had a great time, though. It was very awkward walking in ski boots. I almost fell down a couple of times, and that was before I put on my skis. Instead of waiting around for the ski lesson, Chirag, Kunal, and I decided to ski the easiest slope. We felt confident, so we tackled the more difficult of the green (beginner) diamond slopes. After falling numerous times, we decided it would be best to get our lesson Luckily, unlike with golf, the instructor didn't have to deprogram our erroneous methods. The ski instructor was very good. We learned the more technical aspects of turning and not going too fast. I was impressed, considering my age, that I was willing to receive an education.

I had lots of fun falling down; some people even fell down while standing in line. I learned to extract myself from the dangerous ski lift, and I felt like an octopus carrying around the ski poles and wearing skis on the lift. I'm a good person, because I found somebody's locker key in the snow at the bottom of the slope. I turned it over to an attendant.

--Chris Whalen

We didn't have many attendees or the party as planned, since most couldn't make it on the rescheduled date. But I had a good time snowboarding (thank to Lee's help and the great weather) and enjoyed talking to everybody.

--Vincent Tsao

I think everyone had a good time. The video was not that good but I will try to put together a small clip.

--Lee Miles

I had a great time on Saturday. Always nice to get a little snow boarding or skiing in every year.

--Danny Mulhern

It was really nice meeting everyone. I had a blast y'day. I hope to see you around.

--Chirag Parikh

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