Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Feb 27 2004 - Food, Fun, and (Drinking) Games (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Jason Craver
Participants:Jason Craver, Donna McLaren, Lee Miles, Matthew Sommer, Ryan Meadows, Rebecca Frankenberger, Kevin Kulzer, Christine Bredfeldt, Mike Gorman, Sam Shoff, shoshannah coleman

Write Up:
The night started easy enough: a group of friends hanging around and chatting in the kitchen. Then the resident star bartender Donna rolled up her sleeves and got to work at the bar, demonstrating that her mixology skills were as strong as her drinks.

First off were the margaritas, to accompany a game of "Drinking Jenga." As the people with the remaining coordination impressed us with leaving a Jenga structure that resembled Swiss cheese, the drinks got more and more creative. These included Pina Coladas that were very good with coconut rum, Kalhua drinks, and shots of many variations.

As the drinks got tastier and more creative, so did the games. Jenga was followed by "I Never'," followed quickly by a solemn promise by all present that "what goes on here, stays here!" It was discovered that pole dancing can be performed without a pole (who knew?). The games were followed by a round of "Truth or Dare" with details that only our lawyers will discover. The party wrapped up at 1:45 AM and all farm animals were returned only with moderate psychological shock. See you at the next party!

--Jason Craver

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