Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Mar 5 2004 - Hiking & Hottubs (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Joanne Milne, Jared Dant, Laura Hustead, Rebecca Firoved, Aaron Firoved, Vincent Tsao, Kristen Buck, Young Kim, stephen pheiffer, Michael Eppert, Rani Gran, Christopher Gran, Adam Miller, Carrie Graff, Ryan Meadows, Rebecca Frankenberger, Lee Miles, Chih Lin

Write Up:
Wow - by far one of my favorite weekend trips with the members of the MOC, except for the fact that it rained a bit on Saturday. Considering there were several changes to the roster for the event over the last two months, we ended up having just the right kind of crowd. And, believe me, the crowd is ultimately what made the trip as much fun as it was.

I showed up at about 5 PM on Friday with Joanne, who carpooled up with me, and also helped out with the food shopping, herding the troops over the weekend. When we saw the house, our jaws dropped- and I think I said 'holy shit,- but I definitely remember running around the house like kids checking out every square inch. A later comment on the trip, from Adam was: 'we are so going to trash this place,- however that didn't happen. From the large kitchen, to the vaulted-ceiling den with massive windows, a wood burning fireplace, to the loft with a computer and internet access (for those of us that just couldn't get away from it for 2 days), to the basement with basketball, football, foosball, bumper pool, air hockey, a big screen TV (not to mention the other many TVs, VCRs, and CD player in the house), to the lake view, to the bathroom (of 4) with the jetted tub and massive glass shower. We even had a grill that went unused, a washer & dryer (that did get plenty of use) and a kitchen loaded with all the amenities to make it just like home. Wow - doesn't take much to impress the MOCers, now does it? Oh, yeah, and how could I possibly forget - the 8-person hottub with neon blue lighting and the view of the moon and stars?

After venturing down to the lake for a look, we immediately mixed up some frosty beverages (the weather was quite warm when we arrived) and chilled on the front porch rockers.

After our dinnertime attendees arrived around 6:30 PM, 5 of us went to Uno Chicago Pizzeria for dinner. (Joanne, Rebecca F., Adam, Carrie, and I were there). They stuck us at a table downstairs - or what we dubbed the 'tourist dining room- (versus the locals' dining room) since it was full of massive tables for the family-style vacationers. We got helpful advice from the waitress about where and when to buy alcohol, plus a nice meal that satisfied our hungering appetite.

After dinner, we hit the Arrowhead mini-mart to pick up some more junk food and adult beverages. Here, Carrie revealed her 'derriere- desire.

Once arriving back at the house, we found that Chih had now shown up. He was munching on a sub he picked up, and praying he was in the right house- since no one was there when he got there.

Carrie and I had a much needed one-on-one talk in the loft and realized we have some similar relationship stuff in common.

Soon, one by one (or sometimes in groups of two's and three's) the remaining attendees arrived. Finding the house in the dark proved difficult for some of the attendees.

Drinking Jenga soon was underway, as well as more drinking, relaxing in the hottub, watching movies, and playing around in the 'game room.-

I think the final late-night owls turned in at about 2:30 A.M.


Saturday morning, everyone was greeted with warm food and coffee before we ventured out in the off-and-on rain for a hike to the Brant Mine and our joyride around Deep Creek Lake. (Lee headed to Ohiopyle, PA for kayaking that didn't happen, and Vincent headed to Wisp for snowboarding that did). The hike was about 2.9 miles and by the time we were done, most everyone was soaked, cold, and hungry - so we headed back to the house for food, rest, and relaxation. Animal House was played on the VCR, as a lot of people eventually fell asleep for afternoon cat naps.

Five of us headed out to a local arcade in the afternoon, that turned out to be closed. So, we found Laser Tag at 'The Fort.- My first time playing, Rebecca F. and Adam were also on my team against

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