Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jan 23 2004 - Shoot Pool & Cool Brew (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Matthew Sommer, Rob Copeland, Jason Craver, Celia Henry, Eliana Smith, Carrie Graff, Lee Miles, Rebecca Frankenberger, Lisa Paull, Adam Miller, David Ni, Trent Cooper, Christine Bredfeldt, Chih Lin, Reuben Anderson

Write Up:
The get-together got underway at 7 PM at Corner Pocket off of Cherry Hill Road in Beltsville, Maryland. With several different MOC-newbees, and the top-secret initiation process (only kidding), we all gathered around the tables flagged by the green, orange, white MOC-colored balloons, and chatted for a bit, until one, then two pool tables opened up.

Many of us were there just to have fun, and play no matter how bad we might have sucked. We took tips from Lee, our 'pool shark,'and later learned he should go head to head with Reuben, also another great player.

I think everyone got to play in at least one of the many 4-person games. Our group spread out throughout the night, as some hung out by the games and some sat down to eat food and drink at our tables.

What's cool about this pool hall is that there are about 10 to 12 small tables and chairs off to one side of a small bar, for people not playing pool to chill. There are also two leather couches that you can sit at to play PlayStation (several games are provided by Corner Pocket for a small hourly fee). There are about 8 pool tables, 8 high definition TVs, and a digital jukebox. The bar was also decently stocked considering how small the place is. There are specials each night of the week, and also a lunch special offered daily for $5.99 (sandwich or sub, fries or onion rings, soda, 1 hr. of pool). Corner Pocket feels really 'new'inside, with it having just reached its first anniversary.

By about 10:30 PM, we all began to call it quits, tabbed out, and decided we will be repeating this event in the future. Everyone seemed to have a good time in this very laid-back event.

Thanks to everyone that joined us at this social event!

--Amy Pickwick

P.S. I learned Saturday by e-mail that Chih forgot to pay his 2-beer tab. Agh- that rat bastard. ;) If anyone was shorted on their bill, and I think if anything we had more than enough money because the place was cheaper than we thought, please let me know and I will pass your name to Chih.

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