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Sun, Nov 24 2013 - Easy Hike at Greenbelt Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kevin Yue
Participants:Kevin Yue, Mehdi Mehrnouch, Gail Davidson, Sarah Scott

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Write Up:

Four willing hikers braved the coldest day of the year since February, hiking the Azalea and Perimeter Trails at Greenbelt Park. A quick brisk pace kept our blood pumping during this cold, but really sunny day. A total of about four miles were hiked through this National Park tucked away into the suburban (urban?) areas of Greenbelt.

From the website:  

"Long before colonial settlers appeared here, trees and flowers covered these rolling hills and wildlife roamed the woodlands. 

Algonquin Indians hunted this land in competition with other smaller tribes. A balance existed between the land and its plants, animals, and native people. Then the colonists arrived. Trees fell and forests gave way to farmland. Wildlife retreated to the frontier. For the next 150 years, people cleared the land, plowed the fields, and planted tobacco, corn, and other crops. The rich fertile soil returned high yields.  The people did not give back to the land as much as they took. The land wore out, producing less each season and farming ceased. The land was left bare and defenseless. Erosion caused many scars before nature could slow the process with new growth. 

Since the early 1900's the land has been recovering. Today the mixed pine and decidious forest testifies to the land's ability to recover. 

The land of Greenbelt Park was acquired by the National Park Service in 1950 under Public Law 643."

Thanks to those who joined me!  

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