Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jan 4 2004 - Touch Football Game (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Joanne Milne
Participants:Joanne Milne, Shelley Sanner, Young Kim, Aaron Firoved, Rebecca Firoved, Laura Hustead, Vincent Tsao, Jared Dant, Oscar Hsu, Chris Whalen, Keira Wickliffe, Adam Miller, Douglas Smith, Terry James, Lisa Paull, Scott Meek, Colin Babb, Eliana Smith, Matthew Sommer, Sara LeMoine

Write Up:
How to organize an exciting touch football game:


1.Invite twenty enthusiastic amateur touch football players from the MOC.

2. Light and dark shirts for all players on the two teams.

3. One football.

4. Directions to a restaurant that serves warm food and cold brew.

Steps for making the football game a success:

Select a suitable location. Bring everyone to the field on a Sunday morning in January when it is crisp, clear, and cool. Upon arrival at the field mark the boundaries and select the two teams. Have players put on appropriate shirts for their team. Place players on the field two-feet apart. Mix vigorously for 1.5 to 2 hours. (You know it is done if players begin to leave to watch professional football games.) Top off the game with a visit to a nearby restaurant that serves warm food and cold brew.

I sure can't wait for the next one!

--Joanne Milne

(No pictures available, as none were taken. We were having too much fun.)

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