Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Dec 5 2003 - Free Comedy Factory Night Out (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katherine McColl, Amy Pickwick
Participants:Colin Babb, Tracy Ward Wright, Annchaya Daothong, Patty Gallivan, Jim Powell, Adam Miller, Robert Davis, KC Yi, Katherine McColl, Lori K.

Write Up:
Amy ended up with the flu that is going around, so I met the group at the comedy club for our free night out. We originally had 24 people register, but only a dozen showed up. As it turned out, between the weather, the flu, and some family crises, we were a smaller group than originally planned. The good news is, we had three people come as their first event. So, hopefully, we will get to see more of them.

Our first new person, Steve, is a newly certified rock climbing instructor, and was able to make it in for the show, but forgot his license. He did some major shmoozing, because he was actually let in, which I have heard they never do without a license. He hopes to do some classes for the club in the spring. We also had Bob from the Eastern Shore (a transplant from San Diego), and Patty originally from Pennsylvania.

Our group took up almost half the audience, so apparently everyone (including one of the acts?) was scared by the weather. We saw two acts and the MC. The first act was a guy from North Carolina who (they said) had a part in the movie "Ocean's Eleven"; he didn't look familiar, so I'll have to go rent the movie again. The next and final act was from DC. We saw him come up the stairs, and knew he was an act from the beginning from his "smooth" appearance.

The snow continued while we were inside and the crowd dwindled to Adam, KC, Colin, JR, and myself for our "after" event. I had been up late all week studying for the GRE's and made the executive decision to forgo the after event for the next comedy evening. This should be inevitable because we received two sets of 30 free tickets from our first event. Everyone, keep your eyes peeled for those free tickets!

--Kat McColl

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