Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Dec 13 2003 - Moderate Day Hike in Great Falls, VA (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Joanne Milne, Chris Whalen
Participants:Joanne Milne, Chris Whalen, C Shen, KC Yi, Rob, Barry Marsh, Jared Dant, Cheryl Hamilton, Douglas Smith, Vincent Tsao, Colin Babb, Jeff Schwartz, Megan Moriarty

Write Up:
It was a chilly day but it was good weather for hiking at Great Falls Park. We met at the Visitors Center to introduce each other. We took the Matildaville Trail, which parallels the Patowmack Canal. We viewed the ruins of the canal as well as several buildings that once composed Matildaville, a town built in the 1790s but abandoned after the canal closed in 1830. At the end of the Matildaville Trail, we turned left onto the Ridge Trail for a short time. We then came down to the swollen Potomac River. There was a ramp where the rescue boats launch to search for people who get into trouble. We turned left and followed the River Trail back to the Visitors Center. On the River Trail we had to scramble over rocks to get around water that was in the trail from all the rain. We took a group picture with Mathor Gorge in the background. We also took a group picture at an overlook with Great Falls in the background. We passed the Visitors Center and played "soccer" with chunks of ice and snow in the parking lot. We attempted to hike north of Great Falls, but with all the snow and rain the trail was closed because of flooding. We took a break in a clearing near a small pond and sat on logs--KC enjoyed his hot coffee from his nuclear thermos.

Afterward, most of us went to Mr. Smith's of Georgetown, a nice bar & grill in Tyson's Corner. It was Joanne's lucky evening, as she was the only woman with nine men. Our waiter was really cool and was interested in learning about the group. Joanne gave him a business card. Mike gave the waiter a hard time about his coffee and spoon.

I would like to thank everybody who showed up. I appreciated the effort people made in getting in contact if they couldn't go.

--Chris Whalen

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