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Sun, May 6 2012 - Hike Cedarville SF in Spring (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Nate Payer
Participants:Nate Payer, Rachel Weber, Lisa Bell, Shannon Slick, amy k, Ali Badii, Kevin Yue, Michael Allera

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Write Up:

The organizer’s notoriety for arriving late to his own events continued with his 15 minute late arrival to the carpool. But fortunately, he built in over 20 minutes of buffer time to get to Cedarville SF in time.


What a difference a season makes! The headwaters of Zekiah Swamp Run, a river, looked very different in mid-spring than in January. However, the MOC’s January trip to Cedarville had the best possible weather for mid-winter. The rich oak, beech, and holly forest filled in with wonderful shade where the numerous pines couldn’t back in January. Despite its coastal plain locale, Cedarville has many continuous, but gentle slopes.


Fresh on his second event, Michael Allera graciously lead Nate (yours truly), Lisa, and Shannon with his motor coach to Cedarville. First timer Rachel Weber enjoyed the hike with the roster’s sole remaining pooch, Simba. Michael was very graciously  in offering tasty fruit and chocolate bits of his lunch at the beautiful Cedarville Pond. There were many numerous “delays”, with yours truly frequent crouching and then attempting to gently pounce on the local herpetofauna which may or may have included Leopard Frogs, but certainly a plethora of American Toads. Kevin Yue had an epiphany that Zekiah Swamp Run was the same creek that he endured treacherous work conditions for an earlier job assignment. This river has a reputation for being hostile for any approach due to its mucky, hydric floodplain terrain and dense floral growth. Nonetheless, the boardwalk view of Zekiah Swamp Run was beautiful.


Even on a great spring day, there was quite a lot of solitude on these trails. I strongly recommend Cedarville as a great place to visit, at least outside of summer…or after heavy rains, haha.



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