Maryland Outdoor Club
Wed, Dec 31 2003 - New Years Eve - Snow Tubing Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katherine McColl
Participants:Katherine McColl, Chris Whalen, KC Yi, Tracy Ward Wright, Katie Stofer, Joanne Milne, Shelley Sanner, Jessieca Foo, Douglas Mcnamara, Susan Channell, jesse channell, Juanita Miranda, Erica Miranda, stephen pheiffer, Vincent Tsao, Brian Loughery, Laura Riedmuller, susan davis, Steven Davis, Jeff Dugan, Kim Dugan, Graham Dugan, Julia Dugan, Christine Bredfeldt, Michael Rowe, Karin Bredfeldt

Write Up:
The snow tubing started at 7 pm in Western Maryland, a three-hour drive from Baltimore. After hearing I was not the only one that works for slave drivers, I planned for the group to meet at the event at 9 by the front gate. Everyone was having such a great time, that no one showed up.

The buffet ran until 10:30 and had hot dogs, BBQ beef sandwiches, hamburgers (go Mad Cow!), and an assortment of condiments, salads, and hot beverages. There were two separate small heated buildings (tents?) that had more liquors and alcoholic beverages. I purchased a peppermint schnapps hot chocolate after my toes froze.

The weather was perfect, slightly chilly, but not too cold. The hills blocked the wind, and the man-made snow machines had a base of at least two feet of snow. We also received coupons for another trip out to Ski Wisp (buy one get one).

The snow tubing was like a frozen water slide. There were rails separating the lanes. A rope pull pulled the tubes up the mountain and dropped you off (backwards) at a bit of a down slope, much like a regular ski lift. I'm sure everyone thought I was a complete sissy when I screamed going down on my first run. But it was a blast. The people working the top even let us break the rules and go down spinning.

The tubing went until 11:30 pm, at that time the fire marshal did their final check and OKed us for our own private fireworks show. We and 872 of our closest strangers. At midnight the lights all over the mountain went off with a boom, there was a short count down, and then we viewed the fireworks show from a tube at the bottom of the hill.

The evening ended quickly, there wasn't even a wait to get out of the parking lot. If anyone is interested in planning a group skiing at Wisp, they sent us a flier and a big welcome.

Happy New Year!

--Kat McColl

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