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Sat, Dec 13 2003 - Moderate Day Hike (PVSP - Daniels Area) (View Original Event Details)

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Participants:Tracy Ward Wright, Linda Werner, Katry Harris, Rob Copeland, Adam Miller, Laura Paszkiewicz, Beverly Hoeftman, Erica kelly, Ricardo Bulala

Write Up:
The end of the Camels Den trail through the woods (about 0.5 miles) to the B+O trail is mapped but not widely used. This part of the hike involves stepping over fallen trees and may involve a little wintertime trail blazing. During this section of the hike the group should stay together. Most of this hike is flat with a few hills (up to ridge trails of the valley) and the organizer may offer a couple of optional off-trail climbs for those interested, during breaks. Parking is very limited at the Alberton trailhead so carpooling will be necessary from Daniels area to Alberton. Even in dry weather the sections of the B+O trail on the Howard County side is muddy so hiking boots are required. The hike may be cancelled if there is snow on the ground or we get rain. Participants should bring some money for dinner in Historic Ellicott City if interested.', 'The hike started at Daniels Road on the outskirts of Ellicott City. The weather forecast was for a cool day with mostly cloudy skies, but the sun came out early that morning and there was no wind. We headed up Daniels Road toward the trail at about 10:30 am. There was a little ice on the flat part of the trail, but once above ground level the trail was dry with no ice or snow.

The group climbed the backside of the southern ridge of the valley to a rocky pass along the ridge top looking down on the valley. We proceeded along the ridge, viewing the river and parts of the mill from the south side and then cutting through the woods. After a number of ups and downs and a break at another rocky peak we descended down into a valley to cross a stream and exit the woods on the Old B+O Railway trail. The group proceeded back (east) along a trail following the Patapsco River and saw a much larger group (over 20) on the other side heading in the opposite direction. The B+O trail was a little icy but not as muddy as the previous day.

Some of us took a shortcut across a fallen tree across a stream that formed recently. As we approached the parking lot, Rob, our unofficial shortcut leader, led us across another shortcut across another stream. The group then proceeded to a hilltop next to the James S. Gary Memorial Church facing the mill remains, where we took a group picture. At that point, one of the workmen for the mulch company below at the mill site advised us to watch out for the attack dogs--apparently this is unmarked private property. He invited us to come down near him through some no trespassing signs and view the mill closer from the railroad tracks. The group was satisfied with the hilltop view and instead made our way back to the dam to eat lunch. We never heard any barking from attack dogs; maybe they were still asleep.

After finishing lunch, Linda and I carpooled the group from Howard County to the Baltimore County side of the river. We headed down the mostly paved Alberton Road dodging recently fallen trees and mud ponds from the recent snow melt.

The group stopped to talk to some hikers from the mountain club who were old enough to be our grandparents and bragged that they had recently climbed Old Rag Mountain. They were in fact the hikers we saw from the other side of the river a couple of hours earlier heading west. We went up an unmarked road to visit the remains of the stone of St. Stanislaus Kostka Catholic Church and examined the tombstones in the graveyard, which were all from the early 1900s. The church was built in the 1890s and struck by lightning in 1926. We then proceeded around the mill, stopping to examine the remains of the Pentecostal Holiness Church built in 1940. This wooden church was flooded in 1972 by Hurricane Agnes. The group then proceeded along another leg of the abandoned B+O trail to where the railroad tracks meet the Patapsco Valley River. We then took a break on a small bridge crossing a stream before returning back.

The trail went on many more miles, but most of the group was getting t

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