Maryland Outdoor Club
Mon, Apr 2 2012 - Swing! at the Mobtown! (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Nate Payer
Participants:Nate Payer, Ronda Carman, Jason Miller, Erika Moore, Brian Dempsey, Monica Bradik, Anders Lofstrand

Write Up:
The presence of both the MOC and the 20s/30s Baltimore Nightlife Group definitely bumped up the sociability of the Monday beginner lesson before the dance. With such a large group, we all got the chance to practice with many different partners to get loosened up and OK with idea that yes, I can dance, too.

Mobtown Ballroom leader and instructor Michael Seguin came up with enough verbal shuck and jive so that everyone got the idea that social dancing, like swing, was a mostly fake-it-until-you-make-it-affair, and that its all about having a good time. Indeed we did have a good time, and several of the first-time swingers stayed quite awhile into the dance. As the night wore on, swing jazz shifted to soul and blues, and then eventually Lady Gaga and disco dancing was ON!

Ronda and Jason gave it a good whirl and I shared a few dances with first-time MOCer Monica Bradik. But I think Anders took MOC dancing crown of the night, since he stayed well past midnight and had even more fun with the discoteque vibe. Were going to do this event again, so dont miss out next time!


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