Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Jun 17 2011 - Backpacking at Michaux State Forest (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Kevin Yue
Participants:Kevin Yue, Kat Nase, Christine Larsen, Patrick Vaughan, Gail Davidson, anita ho, bill eger

Write Up:
We could not have asked for a better time! The weather held steady in the low to mid-80's, slightly overcast, no rain, and a slight breeze. The seven members of this backpacking trip met up at Caledonia State Park in Fayetteville, PA around 8 PM, and set up base camp. After doing a quick round of introductions, Kevin discussed the trip itinerary with the group.

Everyone was up and ready to go nice and early and after getting our cars situated at the parking lot for overnighters, we began our trek on the Appalachian Trail.

Climbing steadily for the first few miles, the crew did an excellent job in staying together and making a good pace. After a few rock scrambles with our packs, some nice even terrain, and some not so even terrain, we made it up to Chimney Rocks, which gave us a beautiful view of Michaux State Forest. A few pictures later, we hefted our packs on again and headed down to Noel's Campsite, which, though it was up a fire road (and I mean uphill!), we made it to camp. Setting up our tents, the crew all took a well-deserved nap, helping us to re-energize us.

After dinner, we explored the area a little and found there was a stream we could access (the same stream that headed down to Tumbling Run Shelter off the AT), so we decided to cool ourselves off and wade around in the flowing water. While sitting there relaxing, Christine saw that the blue blazes for the adjacent trail up to the Hermitage Cabin was really close by. After pondering it for all of 5 seconds, the group decided to try that trail out in the morning, so that the climb out would not be so difficult. This cheered us all up and we had a great evening with a nice fire going and talking around the campfire for a little while.

The next day, we were all a little sore, but ready to hit the trail and head back up and out. After having some breakfast, the group cleaned and packed, and got the packs back on. Trekking through past the stream and to the blue blazed trail, we started the day with a good push forward. A good 45-minute climb later, we reached Chimney Rocks again and took a group photo.

We crossed over PA-233 and we found a family of three on the side of the trail. Asking what happened, the daughter said that her mother fell and hit her head on a rock, causing it to bleed. The father and daughter had cleaned the wound and dressed it with a bandage, and they wanted to keep going, but seemed unsure what to do. Luckily, Kat is a trained EMT and after donning her gloves, she did a quick examination and directed the family to head back down to the cars, which was only a few hundred feet away, downhill. The mother told us that her father was part of their group and that he was going to meet them at another shelter headed north. We assured them that we would let him know the status, but that they should get the head checked out by medical professionals.

The group kept going and we made it to the shelter the grandfather was at. Kevin took a quick run down to the shelter and told Grandpa Moses about what happened. He thanked us for the assistance and the MOC was back on its way to the Caledonia area. Finishing the return trip in 5.5 hours, the group took an end-of-the-trip photo, said our goodbyes, and headed our separate be sore and limping the next few days!

Thank you to everyone who came to the trip and I look forward to seeing you all on future MOC events! You were all a great crew to backpack with and I'm glad to have seen you all!

--Keven Yue

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