Maryland Outdoor Club
Fri, Nov 14 2003 - Game 'n' Gab Night (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Katie Stofer
Participants:Katie Stofer, Amy Pickwick, Joanne Milne, Rob Copeland, jennifer Price, Stephen Lowe, Angela Grillo, Beverly Hoeftman, Jason Craver, stephen pheiffer, Matthew Sommer, Pete Whelan, KC Yi, steve mckeown, elliott hurwitz, Donna McLaren

Write Up:
How to Host a Successful MOC Game Night:

1. Get your roommates to agree to a night and fill out the form (Hint: the event coordinator has all the old forms on file, and could easily re-post this event, with a few minor changes such as time and place...). 2. Have all the participants bring snacks, adult BEvERages, and games. 3. Get home only 45 minutes before the start time of the event, and hop in the shower. Dry your hair after the first guest has arrived. (Note: I would recommended this event not take place quite so close to the event start time.) 4. Sit back and enjoy. 5. Kick the last participant out at 10:30 am the next morning.

What a great turnout. We had two groups going, with Balderdash (whose rules eluded the MOC, so it was abandoned), Taboo, and Catch Phrase upstairs, and Trivial Pursuit and eventually Drinking Jenga downstairs. Plenty of food and beverages were consumed by all, and much hilarity ensued as people drifted back and forth between games. The cat got out, and Jason Craver came to the rescue. Max Vulcanus was kind enough to bring the entire cooler of drinks downstairs when some of us asked for refills. Plenty of designated drivers took care of the drive home for those who didn't stay to sleep it off. And it was truly the party of Steve's: Steve K. was the first to arrive, Steve L. brought a smashing homemade 7-layer dip and Steve P. rounded things up by being the last to leave. Fully one-sixth of the participants were named Steve.

Things we learned: The town of Mardela Springs borders Maryland and Delaware (not Colorado and Utah as our team answered). We all agreed that this must be an MOC destination soon.

Also, if travelling from the Atlantic to the Pacific in the Panama Canal, you are going southeast, as confirmed by

With an event so easy to successfully organize (see instructions above), who's next?

--Katie Stofer

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