Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 25 2003 - Beginner 9-Hole Golf Outing (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): chanath ather
Participants:chanath ather, Amy Pickwick, Brian Loughery, Katry Harris, Wendy Wickham, stephen pheiffer, Trent Cooper, Mark Zawodny, kris harris

Write Up:
We probably couldn't have asked for better October weather to golf. Nice and gentle breeze, a moderate temperature, and sunny skies!

When we met up at the course club house, we divvyed up into 3 groups, the first one contained Mark, Kris, Steve, Trent. Mark took the two first timers, to help show them how to play. Oddly enough, Kris went for her first swing on hole 1 and knocked it flying up into the air and distance. We asked her to come clean about if she'd ever played before- Since we were playing 'best ball' from nearly every shot, the other 3 players dumped their ball near hers - being the best to take their next shot. Everyone in that group had a ton of fun, even the first timers - although a little beat from walking and carrying their bags around some hilly 9 holes. Steve said he would either do really good putting on the green or would sally his shots. Either way, the first timers did a great job.

Next, was my group, with Brian and Wendy. We even had another 'single' player thrown into our group. We did moderately well, but didn't see the point in keeping score, as we were really only out there to have fun and not necessarily keep score of our games. Because we were playing 'best ball' I think we would average at 6 or 7 shots per hole. I guess not too bad for people who suck. (Everyone admitted before starting the game that all 10 of us sucked).

The third group contained our fearless leader, Chanath, who also attended Kim Emmick's golfing event in Hagerstown in August - which lead to the planning of this event. He rounded up the back group with Katry (yes, that's Kate-tree just like a true Southern Georgian would say) and Evonne. They came off the course a-smiling when the game was over, so it appeared as though they all had a great time too.

Chanath mentioned planning another golfing event for the Spring - so, stay tuned! And, hey, it wouldn't hurt to hit the driving ranges in the meantime. :-P

Great game everyone!

--Amy Pickwick

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