Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 11 2003 - Difficult Loop Day Hike (Old Rag Mtn) (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Michael Eppert
Participants:Michael Eppert, Joanne Milne, Adam Miller, Allyson Green, stephen pheiffer

Write Up:
What a great hike! The weather couldn't make up its mind about what to do and it worked to our advantage. It was cloudy which made for a nice fall outing, but not raining. Driving up, we were greeted by a beautiful, majestic male peacock that slowly meandered across the roadway, woefully unconcerned that a three ton vehicle was bearing down on him. Having had his way with females, he must have thought that his colorful feathers and charming ways would protect him from all harm. Little did he know that the driver was male and colorblind. Luckily, he crossed the roadway just in time.

The parking lot was full of people- young and old. Our first clue was the ranger directing traffic in the parking lot. Nevertheless, everyone seemed eager to conquer the mountain. After all, members of the Maryland Outdoor Club are young, brave and undaunted by life threatening events. But first, the group waited in a long line for nature's first call and the first challenge. As the group walked up to the trailhead, we passed a troop of heavyset boyscouts huffing and puffing. They seemed to have forgotten their motto.

After setting a pretty rapid pace, everyone got plenty of chance to rest at some of the more difficult spots. One of the organizers kept insisting that there was a place to rest just around the corner which kept the group moving. The traffic jam was worst than the Washington beltway during rush hour. However, it did allow the other MOC group to catch-up and the two groups to mingle. Some members of the group were even treated to a sight long thought extinct in the area- a family of four wearing tie-died shirts. As we approached the top, a cool mist greeted the group. After couple of hours of good hiking, the hikers welcomed it- at least for a few minutes. The group stopped at the top for a quick lunch and a chance to cool off. Well, the cooling off continued and the remainder of lunch was quickly packed up for the trek down the mountain.

After the hike, most of the people headed off to one of those big corporate restaurants for dinner, chatting and boosting. Good times were had by all. Woohoo!

--KC Yi

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