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Sat, Sep 6 2003 - Sea Kayaking & Camping Party (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Aaron Firoved, Rebecca Firoved
Participants:Rebecca Firoved, Aaron Firoved, Laura Hustead, Kristen Buck, Colin Babb, KC Yi, Brian Loughery, MJ Rosovitz, Sarah Norbeck, Ryan Meadows, Young Kim, Adam Miller, jennifer Price, Amy Pickwick, Mark Zawodny, Beverly Hoeftman, stephen pheiffer, charlotte dunigan, Michael Fallon, Nathan Rich, Anne Rich, Katie Stofer, Jason Cortezzo, Shelley Sanner, Joanne Milne

Write Up:
'Arriving at Gunpowder Falls State Park, Hammerman Area on Saturday morning, we were presented with the most beautiful weather of the summer. One by one, the folks arrived and we all started pitching our tents in the designated group camping location near the park picnic tables. Only large groups can camp in this part of the park, if in conjunction with Ultimate Watersports. By about 11:30 AM, many repeat kayakers hit the water, while the newer folks stayed on land for a bit longer to get instruction.

We paddled to the middle of the river, and up a nearby cove, until we had to meet back up in the middle of the river for a 'Pontoon Pizza Party' at 1 PM. Ultimate Watersports brought pizza and sodas out onto the lake on a pontoon boat for us. We all connected our kayaks by ropes and ate lunch while floating out on the water. You couldn't top this. There was plenty of pizza to go around and the yellow jackets were buzzing around because of our sweet sodas. There was the occasional loss of a kayak and paddle during lunch, because they weren't tied well enough to the boat - so we swam after them and brought them back.

After lunch, a few of us inadvertently floated over towards the beach on our kayaks, then decided to paddle out to a marker in the middle of the river, hook kayaks together, and float around for a while. Soon, a few of us were in the water, swimming about, realizing just how cold the water a foot below the surface was. A couple of people were chasing and knocking the wabbit out of his kayak!

Next, people just paddled about - up the coves, along the shore, in the middle of the river, exploring wherever their arms could take them. At various times, we would hop off the kayaks and swim for a bit. Many found it a bit challenging to get back up into their boats from a dead stop.

At 6 PM, we brought the boats ashore, washed up in the bathrooms, and busted out the beer! Three ran to a nearby liquor store to stock up, including picking up some Malibu! Dinner was served from a stationary grill - hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, baked beans, chips, etc. Topic of discussion for a period of time was J.R.'s hot dog. Bottles of wine made their way around the group, and coke and Malibu was served. Mark was contemplating cooking the black snake someone from another group found on the road and had killed, and left in the tall grass by the picnic tables - yum!

The sunset was beautiful, and as night-time fell, Ultimate Watersports set up our firewood on the beach for a campfire. S'mores were had by some, laughs were had by many, as we sat in a two-row deep circle around the fire, only feet from the lapping water. Some highlights from the evening included Brian's trip to the ladies' room, Young's stumble when he came back to the group, and I'm sure many more interesting stories. We hung out on the sand for a couple of hours. The drunker we got, the more the rumors started a-flyin' - we initiated the newbees the right way!

Our bodies soon grew tired from the long day of paddling, and one by one, (sometimes two by two), people headed off to their tents to call it an evening. We slept well, until the sun beat on our tents in the morning. The morning greated us with muffins, bananas, oatmeal, OJ, coffee, and a surprise visit from Ranger Bailey. We were instructed to have our tents down by 8 AM, because camping is not normally allowed in the park, and many day-visitors were asking the park's information office if they could camp out there, because they saw us set up.

Along with breakfast, we also had the yellow jackets again! I think because over the course of time, many picnickers had dumped sugary beverages on the ground here, that it attracted the little yellow and black guys. If you left your OJ sitting for too long, you found some dead ones in it! Eew.

We played bocce and frisbee into the afternoon. Ryan also

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