Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Oct 5 2003 - Mini-Golf & Meal (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Jesse Allen, KC Yi, Katherine McColl, Jeff Schneider, stephen pheiffer, Adam Miller, Wendy Wickham, Tracy Ward Wright, Holly Rawson, Trent Cooper, Cianna, Gwen Savage, Dennis Baba

Write Up:
After meeting up at the Laurel Golf & Recreation center, we paired up into teams of 4 each. KC wound up with 3 women in his group- go figure.

After playing a round of 18 mini-golf holes, we reassembled and decided on a meeting place just down the road for dinner. Chili's it was.

At Chili's, the scores were tallied and low and behold, Steve Pheiffer (one of our newest members) came out in the lead (55), by a couple of strokes. Anyone who had a low score was recounted twice and I double-checked with Steve that he wasn't the scorer for his group! Winning the prize pot at $2/person, he took home $36 minus whatever his Chili's food and drink cost.

Some other honorable mentions: Mark Zawodny had the lowest score on the front 9, including two hole-and-ones back to back. Mark had to leave early, so he never finished his round. Adam Miller had the lowest score on the back 9, but showing up late (ah-hem - and he blames it on the web site) he didn't have a full round of golf and was disqualified from the prize pot.

Gwen Savage scored in second place (60), and JR Withers and Wendy Wickham tied for third (61). Holly Rawson was our highest scorer, but I will withhold her score for fear of public embarrassment. It's all in the name of fun.

Anyhow, great stories, gossip, etc. exchanged at Chili's, including learning that KC knows the names to the Powerpuff girls.

Better luck next year--with 60% women in this club, we can't let a guy win again!

--Amy Pickwick

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