Maryland Outdoor Club
Sun, Jan 25 2009 - Moderate Hike at Tuckahoe State Park (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Colin Babb
Participants:Colin Babb, Nicole Miklus, Kevin Yue, Rachel Evans, Gianguido Coffa, Amy Pickwick, Kristen Buck, Nils Olson, Glenn Peddicord, Linda Barker, Alicia Pimental, Elizabeth Van Dolah, Lucas Fisher, Kristen Larson, Tom Reichelderfer, Paige Roberts, Veronica Sessoms, Sarah Tinney, Frank Romero

Write Up:
This was a very nice and sunny, but very cold, morning. We gathered together at the park visitor center, which is a white house with some outbuildings (which more than likely was someone’s house at some point in the past). After pondering our personal tropical getaways during the introductions, we headed out on the trail. The trails at Tuckahoe meld with those of an adjoining nature center, which we skirted through. The terrain is basically Eastern Shore bottom land forest, and the trails parallel either side of Tuckahoe Creek. We also journeyed by the frozen shores of a lake (marked on the park map as “Lake”).

Some of the trails had rather curious names, such as Pee Wee Trail, which suggests that it is: a) a trail for diminutive hikers, b) named after someone named Pee Wee (in which case it should be “Pee Wee’s”), or c) it was the shortest trail in the park (although it happened to be quite the opposite). We decided that at the very least while hiking on Pee Wee Trail we should go along with a Word of the Day rolling around in our heads, honoring Pee Wee’s Playhouse (I suggested “Zizzybaloobah,” which if you’re curious, actually was a Word of the Day on one of the episodes of that infamous show).

At one juncture we decided to take our lunch break and “re-” (ahem…) “orient” ourselves—which we did, successfully. The rest of the hike was quite peaceful and scenic, and we managed to get back to the visitors center after about a four-hour journey. Afterward, about half of use headed for Harris Crab House at Kent Narrows. For some reason, the locals apparently enjoy going there on Sunday afternoons at 3 pm on non-football days, and we had to wait a while to get our table. But the food finally came, it was decent (perhaps not waiting-two-hours decent…), and we all headed home after a nice day on the Eastern Shore.

--Colin Babb

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