Maryland Outdoor Club
Sat, Oct 18 2003 - Party at Balt. Marathon's Celebration Village (View Original Event Details)

Event Organizer(s): Amy Pickwick
Participants:Amy Pickwick, Young Kim, Kristen Buck, KC Yi, Laura Hustead, Adam Miller, Brian Loughery

Write Up:
A few of us ventured out early Saturday morning to catch a glimpse of the two Team Relay groups formed of members of the MOC at the Baltimore Marathon. It started out pretty cold, but cloudless in the AM, and warmed up a little bit by noon and if you stood in the sun. Both groups ran the same course as those running in the full marathon.

Team #9277 'Maryland Outdoor Club' consisted of Sarah (a friend of Keira's), Keira Wickliffe, Young Kim, and Mike Eppert (in that order).

Team #9141 'L.A.M.B.S to the Slaughter' consisted of Rebecca Schubert, Aaron Firoved, Mark Zawodny, and Laura Hustead (in that order).

We escorted Young and Mark to the mid-way race point after we gathered by the Raven's Stadium. Here we anxiously awaited the arrival of Keira and Aaron, betting on who would be the first to arrive. We saw many sights while waiting for the runners including a full-marathon runner in a full tux, a beastly man rummaging through nearby garbage, an example of what chapped nipples looked like and much more. As a matter of fact, as we approached the mid-way point, along went running Andrew Malchow in the full-marathon that attended our Rafting trip back in July. Had we known it was him in that split second, we probably would have cheered him on- but the runners were going by at full speed and it was hard to keep up with them!

Along came Keira not before too long, and off was Young. About 15 minutes later, along came Aaron. And, Mark was off. After waiting here for a bit for Keira and Aaron to cool down and get their stomach's back in shape, we all headed over to the finish line together. We got to the finish line just before the 3 hour mark and were able to cheer on qualifiers for the Boston Marathon.

As we waited here for about half an hour, the finished MOC runners picked up their medals, free beer tickets and goodies. Soon, Young and Mark met up with us, after riding back on a shuttle bus to Celebration Village. We all then waited at an approximated arrival time by the finish line for Mike and Laura to come running by. Some of us also saw Andrew cross the finish line at 3:54:33 hours.

They both looked pleased when they saw the finish line and us cheering them on!

Both teams and everyone on them did EXCELLENT jobs. It was very entertaining to watch these guys from the sidelines.

After the final runners had time to cool down, several of us had lunch at T.G.I. Friday's in Columbia, MD (since driving anywhere in Baltimore wasn't much of an option and the last thing the runners wanted to do was walk anywhere)!

What a fun event. There are talks for doing it again next year, including a few people that will be running the full marathon. We'll try and post some info to the MOC site when Spring training begins.

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Official Results
Team Official* Pace Time* Leg1 Leg2 Leg3 Leg4
6.2 miles 6.8 miles 3.3 miles 9.9 miles